Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bloody Big Battles! - Preparing for Gettysburg

In an ironic reversal of using my block armies with 3D scenery, my next game will be played with actual figures but on a 2D printout of the Gettysburg scenario map.

I've printed the map at 2/3 scale which allows me to get two 8" map squares on an A3 sheet of paper, and better matches the 20mm-wide bases of my ACW armies. (Actually 40mm counting as double bases.)

In previous games I've found it very useful to have a counter for each unit with its stats. I've now extended that to include any relevant lines of command as identifying that caused some problems in my last game.

I've also tried to make the unit ID counters more distinctive and attractive. It doesn't matter so much when using figures, but all block armies look the same! This gives them a bit more character.


  1. This should be interesting!


    1. Apart from anything else, it's such an iconic battle that I wanted the terrain features to be just right, so I couldn't do better than play on the map itself.

      It's a relatively long scenario, however, so we are really going to have to maintain pace if we are going to finish it.

    2. Four of us managed to start to set up at 6pm, play the whole game, and be packed up and in the pub at 10 - but we know the rules well and we did have to play at a brisk and disciplined pace to do it.

    3. I don't think the game is slow - it's just that we seem to get easily distracted!

  2. That's a really nice job on the unit labels! Maybe worth posting the BBB Yahoo group to share with other players?

    Bloody Big BATTLES!

    1. Thanks. Will do. Perhaps the Hexon maps might be useful too?

    2. Definitely - thanks for posting them.