Wednesday, 25 May 2011

15mm Crossfire - Spanish Civil War games

Here are a couple of Spanish Civil War Crossfire games I photgraphed a few years ago.

2005 Game

An encounter battle. Republicans are to the left of the road, Nationalists to the right. A Republican attempt to move round the left flank failed, but following a long fire-fight a Republican assault captured the building in the Nationalist centre effectively winning the game. The fields are made from an 'astro-turf' mat, a quick way of mass-producing the cover you need for a Crossfire game.
2006 Game

Two companies of Nationalists supported by a tank are attacking two companies of Republicans. The Republicans (right-hand corner) occupy a strong position.

Nationalists left, Republicans right. A Nationalist attack (foreground) makes little headway as their position is very exposed once they have come over the hill. At this time I was using Hit the Dirt contour lines but I later reverted to standard Crossfire hills.

View of the Nationalist attack from the Republican line. The Nationalists were stopped at this position.

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